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Things a Burlington Roofing Contractor Will Tell You About Roofing That You Didn’t Know

Somewhere down the line after installing your roofs, they will reach a point where even if you make repairs, they cannot withstand the environmental weather elements like UV light and rainwater. A roof repair will certainly prolong the shelf life of the roofing structure but at times, a replacement is the only option you might have. A Burlington roofing contractor can take care of all your roofing needs from choosing the right materials, selecting the roof style, installing a new roof, and repairing or maintaining the structure for enhanced life. But here are a few things you might not have known about roofing.

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A roof’s curb appeal isn’t the only thing to consider

A vast majority of homeowners will choose roofing materials based on aesthetic importance- and a roof should for sure bring a new look to your home. However, what happens when your roof has the right color option that matches the exteriors and surrounding of your home but it is too heavy for the home to support it?

Heavier roofs can cause sagging and bending on your roofing frame structure meaning you have to contact a roofer to inspect the property and determine whether its structural integrity is compromised. Some roofs won’t just apply in your home; therefore, not every roofing material may be used on every other roof.

For example, a flat roof with its low slope, demands a different material from a steeper pitched roof. Materials like tiles and slate are quite heavy and most homes are inadequate to carry such load. Asphalt is the commonest material you find in many homes- probably because it is an inexpensive choice and lasts long.

Slate is considered among the most durable of the roofing materials available but it is expensive and very heavy. Metal roofs are durable and the price range can vary depending on which metal substrate is used to make the metal sheets. Homeowners can also consider tiles and cement as other options. A Burlington roofing contractor is the best-placed person to help you find out which material can suit your home without putting a dent on your pocket.

What you might not know about roofing cost

Once you start shopping for roofing materials, you will come across different price tags. However, just because a roof material costs averagely or cheaper does not mean that the entire installation or repair work will cost less. There are other factors you might not be aware they affect the cost of installing and repairing a roof.

The price is just the starting point, the condition of an existing roof can affect the cost. For example, if old materials have to be stripped off, it means the labor required for that work is more. At times, the support structure may need repair before the actual roof installation, which also adds to the cost of installation.

You may not have thought about it, but the shape of your roof will determine the amount you spend on roof installation. A gable roof that has fewer or no breaks within the planes such as vent pipes, chimneys, and dormers will make the roofing task simpler than a roof that has intersecting roof lines, valleys, skylights, turrets, or multiple chimneys. All these structures and elements increase the work of installation or replacing a roof structure.

A home constructed with quality roofing materials and offered the best maintenance will last for long. Homeowners who want to derive value from their homes’ roofing structures should make sure that the right roof materials are used. Roofs are not meant to last lifetime, and that’s why you should consult with a certified Burlington roofing contractor to provide you with the best roofing solutions that fall within your budget while emphasizing on performance, durability, esthetic beauty, and style, and ease of maintenance.

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