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How a Oakville Roofing Company Can Help You Save Money on Roofing Projects

The stability and performance of roofs can be affected by various factors. The type of material you have installed, poor workmanship, aging of the roof, and effects of destructive elements like rainwater and ultraviolet rays- all these can have an impact on the structural integrity of your roofing structure. An Oakville roofing company can help protect your home and increase its curb appeal by installing quality roofs, repairing roof damages, and inspecting the structures as part of preventive maintenance. There are critical points you should consider when determining whether to repair or install a new roof. The cost, your roofing needs, efficiency, and extent of damages on roofs can influence the decision you make. Here is how a roofer can help you reduce the cost of roofing.


New roofing verses roof repairs

A new roof unquestionably comes with more expense. A roof repair may be a cost effective solution if it is able to fix the problem. However, you shouldn’t assume that repairs are always the cheaper option. At times, a replacement may be economical in the long term.

Repairs are a reasonable solution if you are dealing with only minimal or isolated damage on the roof. For example, if shingles on the slopes facing sunlight are cracked, torn, or missing but not in large numbers, a repair will be needed. Likewise, if the flashing is leaking, but the roof is intact and performing well, repairs may be needed to restore the flashing. On the flip side, if large sections or entire part of a roof is damaged, a replacement may be the right thing to do.

When roof repairs turn costly

Sometimes, you may not be in a financial position to perform an overhaul replacement of your roofing structure. This means you need to take the necessary steps to prevent more damages from occurring. A piece-by-piece repair or replacement of a roof can be the only temporally solution you have.

Preventive replacement only focuses on patches of roofs that need repairs. However, if the roofing structure is nearing replacement, the preventive repairs will cost you more at the end. While roofers may charge for repairs or replacement per square foot, if you are repairing only one side, you are likely to pay more than, if you included the entire roof in the estimate.

Repairs on a roofing material that has expired can only last as short; because the structure may completely fail anytime. It is not a matter of whether it will fail but when.

How your location affects the choice of roofing material

The location where your home is situated can greatly impact on the type of roofing material you can use. Some areas that are prone to fires may have roofing codes and standards that prohibit the use certain materials such as wood.

Fire resistant materials are recommended to help prevent incidents of fires. In coastal climates, proper roof ventilation is required to help prevent increased humidity inside a house that can encourage growth of molds. Ventilating the attics can greatly increase air circulation and prevent excess moisture. Roofing material insulation may also help reduce moisture.

An Oakville roofing company inspects your building, the location, the vulnerability of a roof, and the factors that are likely to cause damage on roofs before advising you on the right roof material to use and the best roofing design practices and techniques to apply.

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