Your roof shields your home and assets from harsh weather conditions, wandering animals and UV radiation. Basic roof maintenance is mandatory to prevent expensive repairs or replacements, keep it watertight and optimize performance for a longer period. Regular care and timely inspection can go a long way in keeping your roof problems at bay. While some aspects of roof maintenance can be conducted by yourself, others need expert professionals. Here’s what you can do:

5 DIY Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean Up Roof Debris: Fallen leaves, branches, bird feathers and debris can block water flow in the roof drains. Accumulated water can damage the roof. Clear the roof of all debris but make sure this is done on bright, sunny, spring or fall days to prevent slipping or burning.
  2. General Inspection: Lay out walkway pads or roof pavers to protect the roof’s surface during inspection. List down all damages such as leaks or missing, loose or damaged shingles. Inspect shingles for mould, moss, cracks, peels or curling. Peeling, curling or loose shingles indicate that roof may be nearing the end of its lifespan. Sometimes leaks are caused by HVAC equipment, not drainage issues. If damages are extensive, bring it to the notice of the roof maintenance professionals at All Stars Roofing.
  3. Remove Moss and Mould: If the shingles are discoloured, they need to be tackled differently. Spray a roof moss remover and cleaner on the discoloured areas. Let the solution sit for a while. Use a wide handheld soft bristle brush or broom to gently scrub away moss and mould. Avoid harsh bristles as they can wear away the shingles, exposing them to harmful UV rays.
  4. Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Protect your hands with heavy rubber work gloves. Remove debris from the gutters and downspouts. Clean the remaining debris with a garden hose. Fix gutter screens or cover the gutters to reduce gutter and downspout debris through the rest of the year. Check for paint peeling, soffit and fascia rotting, cracks, holes or missing sections. Re-caulk and re-paint damaged shingles or call roofing experts for replacements.
  5. Inspect Chimneys and Vents: After the general inspection for surface wear and tear, take a close look at the chimney, skylights and vent for damage or missing bricks or mortar. Clean the vent outlets, using a roof safety harness to prevent falls. Check flashing for leaks because flashing are more stressed than the roof’s field because of thermal movement and UV damage.

As you can see, many aspects of roof inspection and repairs are not quite DIY jobs. Roof maintenance requires a trained eye, an experienced hand and proper protection or it can end up as a time consuming, costly affair. Prevention is always advised over cure so that your roof lasts in the best condition for years without emptying out your pocket.

All Stars Roofing for Reliable Roof Maintenance

Choosing the right roofing contractor is just as important as choosing the right roofing material. We have been specializing in roofing services in and around Burlington, Ontario for over 15 years, building a reputation of top quality workmanship at competitive prices. We provide routine biannual (spring and fall) inspections to detect potential problems before they turn worse, innovative maintenance programs, extended warranties and reliable customer service. Call us after a hailstorm, snowstorm, rainstorm or other extreme weather conditions to detect damages on time.