What Makes Us Different

Not all roofing contractors are the same. Here’s a few reasons why All Stars Roofing is different:

We don’t “sub” our work to other companies.

Surprisingly, a lot of roofing companies outsource their jobs to cheap, third party companies. You can guess the results. We don’t sub our work. All work is done using our own dedicated, reliable team.

We use more nails.

Although we’ve come across shingles with as few as 1 or 2 nails in them, it’s an industry practice to use 4 nails in each shingle. After all, that’s what’s typically recommended by most manufacturers. We, however, put in a 5 or 6 nails per shingle. If you’re going to do it, do it right.

We install Ice Water Shields in all Valleys.

If you’re going to get a leak, it’s likely due to ice. We instal ice water shields in all valleys to help prevent ice build up. It’s our “winter guard”.

We use aluminium.

Far too many roofing companies opt for cheap plastic air and attic vents. We use aluminum, which is considerably stronger and won’t rust.

We are a family run company with over 25+ years experience.

Obviously, our legacy is due in part to our great workmanship. And, this, is something we’re really proud of.

We’re certified.

We are fully bonded. And, like most other roofers, we carry liability insurance and WSIB. However, we go the extra step. All of our crew are also Working Heights Trained. The Ministry of Labour suggests that Homeowners might be liable for roofers that don’t have this training.

Ontario Ministry of Labour