Why do we use more nails per shingle than the industry standard?

Just like the old adage says, the more truly is the merrier when it comes to your roof’s nail count per shingle. At All Stars, this is something we truly believe: although industry standards suggest using four nails in any given shingle, our team uses six.

In short, we do this to improve your roof’s durability—and protect it from the wind. In hurricane-prone areas (or in coastal cities), manufacturers suggest placing six nails in each shingle, as this is intended to prevent damage from high-speed gusts and torrential rains. Although our Southern Ontario climate is rarely affected by hurricanes, we’ve been known to experience a terrible storm or two per year (especially over the last decade). Because of this, we choose to follow hurricane-safe guidelines; in doing so, we reduce the chances of your roof becoming affected by sliding, broken, or warped shingles.

At All Stars Roofing, we believe that if you’re going to complete any job, you should do it right. If you’d like to have this level of confidence applied to your roof repairs or installations, give us a call!