Why hire professional roofers?

You wouldn’t hire just anyone to build your house for you—so why would you trust anything less than a professional-grade roofer for your repair, replacement, and inspection needs? Here are the top 3 reasons to avoid DIY or inexperienced roofing solutions.

1. Knowledge

A trained expert can easily identify problems with your roof—and knows the appropriate manner in which to fix them. With an understanding of which materials work best for your house, they’ll ensure that your family home is kept stable for years to come.

2. Safety

Further, by using an uncertified, uninsured, or unbonded roofer for your needs, you run the risk of your work being done late, dangerously, or outside of your budget.

A licensed roofer will not only have the certifications and education required to complete your work order properly, but they’ll also put safety first. This will mitigate the occurrence of any employee injuries at your home; plus, with proper insurance for their team, they’ll prevent you from having to cover any incurred medical costs (should an emergency take place).

3. Accountability

Finally, in today’s world of Yelp, YellowPages, and Google Reviews, the reputation of established roofers is more visible than ever before. Use this to your advantage; check out public customer feedback prior to hiring someone. Inexperienced or unprofessional services will make themselves known at this stage, with negative or nonexistent online evaluations.

With our team of highly-trained staff, All Stars Roofing will make certain that your roofing needs are executed correctly—the first time. Contact us to learn more about how we can best service you!