Spring cleaning: don’t forget your gutters!

Let’s face it—clearing out your gutters (also known as eavestroughs) isn’t anyone’s favourite task. However, ignoring this essential part of any home maintenance routine can be dangerous. Read on to learn why it’s imperative to keep your gutters clean.

Full gutters can cause roof damage

When your gutters are filled with debris, rainwater cannot flow properly and begins to collect. Any shingles that are saturated will become weakened, and the underlying roof deck could become damaged. With this, water can seep into your home, soaking your insulation and creating significant damage.


Your foundation may become weakened

Gutters are meant to divert water away from your home. When they are full, this becomes more difficult, and can lead to overflowing. The excess water will travel down to your home’s foundation, causing the surrounding soil to shift. If this water freezes, your foundation can crack, causing structural failure in severe cases.


You may gain unwanted houseguests

Birds, squirrels, mice, mosquitoes and termites LOVE leaves, debris, and standing water. By leaving your gutters uncleaned, these pests may flock to them—and can make their way into your house through cracks in the roof.

If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your gutters, please feel free to reach out—we’re here to keep your home safe and sound