COVID-19: What qualifies as an essential roofing project?

Throughout COVID-19, businesses across the world have had to refocus their offerings to meet a new set of socially responsible operating guidelines. All Stars Roofing is no exception; our industry has changed to meet government regulations. Here’s a comprehensive overview of how we can continue to service you and your family through these uncertain times.

What does the Ontario Government define as an essential roofing project?

Premier Ford has listed the following as “essential services” provided by the roofing industry:

  1. Projects in which construction work began before April 4, 2020;
  2. And emergency maintenance/repairs that are needed to safeguard your home’s security, sanitation, and safety.

What roofing projects are essential to my home’s health?

Based on our years of experience, these issues should be addressed quickly and efficiently—even during COVID-19:

  1. Shingle damage
  2. Roof leaks
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Broken gutters
  5. Damage caused by animal lodgings

Avoiding these serious problems could become very dangerous, putting your family’s safety at risk. Rest assured—as always, you remain our number one priority during this time. We are here to keep your home in tip-top shape, and are standing by to help you when needed.

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