4 common roofing issues to consider

Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of small, undetected roofing issues become major problems, resulting in costly, time-consuming repairs. To avoid this situation, watch out for the following common roof problems—and have them attended to as soon as they arise.

1. Leaks

Throughout the winter, snow melts and re-freezes, sometimes wedging itself under shingles. When things start to heat up, the ice can melt and leak through your roof. Any leaks should be brought straight to the pros, who can quickly assess the root cause and make necessary repairs.

2. Damaged downspouts

Like shingles, downspouts are not immune to havoc-wreaking winter weather. In colder months, they can become dislodged, causing water to flow directly around your foundation, which can lead to significant problems (i.e. mold growth and foundation cracking).


3. Broken eavestroughs

If your eavestroughs have become detached, they can fail to divert water away from your home. This can lead to flooding and property damage, both of which are incredibly costly issues.


4. Animal activity

Corroded and rotten fascia boards are much-loved shelters for racoons, bats, squirrels, wasps, and birds. If you’re concerned that pests are living in your roof, first contact a wildlife removal company, and then bring us in to safely repair all damage.

With all of this in mind, remember that the best way to resolve roof issues is to hire a professional. Don’t risk your health by attempting home repairs; let us determine and carry out the best course of action for you.