Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roofs do not shed off rain and snow quickly compared to the sloped roofs.

They are therefore considered not architecturally logical, but these roofs are at the heart of the architecture for historic modern-style buildings giving the broad horizontal lines that complement the natural landscape.

Garages, porches, shed dormers, and balconies can feature flat roofs. We understand that flat roofs take a throbbing from harsh weather, and that’s one reason why they don’t last as the sloped roofs. However, we use modern flat roof materials that have improved significantly over the years with some attracting higher warranty periods like those of sloped roofs.

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There can be several reasons your flat roof leaks, and each of them can strike in almost any situation. While there are many different causes of leaks, there are three that we have identified as the most common and most detrimental to your building’s performance.

These three causes are:

  1. Being located in a harsh environment

  2. Standing water on the roofing surface

  3. Utilizing outdated roofing technology

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