There are times when you need to remove snow from your roof. Whether the weight of the snow is becoming dangerous, or ice dams have formed, you may need to take a more active approach to snow removal instead of waiting for warmer weather to melt it down. Climbing up on your roof in the winter can be incredibly dangerous though, and falling ice, icicles, and sliding snow can cause a great injury.

Are there any other options?

There are not really any other options for snow removal. There are heat cables, but heat cables are often not enough to melt a large amount of snow, they are costly to operate, and more often than not you will end up with melted patterns in the snow on your roof in the shape of the cables instead of a full melt. Even if you can afford heat cables, they really are not worth it in the end.

So what should you do?

The best practice is to remove snow from your roof every time six inches of snow accumulates. This will keep ice dams from forming and from costly and dangerous cave-ins from occurring. If you do not have ice dams then this is not as serious, at that point your only concern is cave-ins, so if you have six inches of very light dusty snow, then you can probably hold off on any removal.

The main thing is to limit your exposure to injury. If you get six inches of heavy, wet snow though then you will want to remove it. Wet snow weights six times more than light, fluffy snow and can do much more damage. You also need to consider what the temperature will be like. If you got a dumping of snow, but the forecast is calling for temperatures above freezing, then the chances are that you will not have to remove the snow as it will melt. If temperatures are going to be below freezing, then it is time to get out and do some snow removal.

How do you remove snow?

Roof-raking is the best and safest option. You brush snow off using a special extendable roof rake. If your home is over two-stories tall, then this is not a great option as the rake cannot reach without a ladder. You can also shovel snow off, though this is more dangerous as it involves climbing up onto your roof and is not recommended unless necessary, with the right equipment, and with someone to monitor and hold the ladder.

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