An attic ventilation system’s significance cannot be overemphasized. Ventilation is the most effective way to remove heat and humidity from an attic space. Excellent design and installation of roofing vents can make your house more comfortable and avoid several roof issues. So, do attics need to be ventilated? Attics that are ventilated allow air to exhaust from them in the summer.

Keep Your Shingles Intact

One important reason why you need to have a proper attic ventilation system is that as the attic’s temperature increases in the summer, it causes more significant expansion of roof deck and the shingles. The life of the roofing is extended if the loft is adequately ventilated. Most shingle manufacturers need proper ventilation to warrant their shingles. Thermal expansion of the roof deck is the primary reason why. Higher attic temperatures increase this rate of thermal expansion for the shingles. The shingles which are subjected to higher rates of expansion tend to weaken around fasteners and this adhesive strips.

If you do not correctly ventilate your roof, then this expansion can cause shingles to fall off and crack which creates leaks that can damage your attic. If you have leaks, they can get into other areas of the house and cause mould growth and rot.

Protect Your Roof From Winter Weather

Similarly, attics that are adequately ventilated let humid and warm air exhaust in the winter months. Without this, you can have a lot of issues, including ice and condensation dams from when the air from within the home comes in contact with condensation occurs. Condensation can cause the damage to drywall, wood framing, wood roof deck, and the insulating material.

If you’re worried that air is not properly ventilating out of your attic in the colder winter months, then one way to check is to wait until the sun goes down. The heat from the sun heats your attic substantially during the day in the winter, and so you may think that the rest of the house is heating the attic, which is untrue if you have insulation on the floor of the attic. Once the sun has set, then go into your attic and check the temperature. It should be around the same temperature as outside, and if it is, then you are not heating the attic, and it is properly ventilated.

How to Properly Ventilate Your Attic

To make sure that you are properly ventilating your attic, you need to see what the square foot of attic is to a square foot of ventilation. The ratio is 1:300, so for every 300 square feet of attic, you need to have 1 square foot of ventilation. It is important to remember that more vents are not necessarily good. Vents do open you up to the threat of moisture problems. Every additional vent is another place where the roof is being penetrated, a vulnerable area where there can be leaks. So stick to the 1:300 ratio so that your roof is ventilated properly but not exposed to outdoor threats.

The team at All Star Roofing can take a look at your roof and see if there need to be any fixes with your ventilation system. It is an important part of roof care and if you are unsure that your roof is being properly ventilated then give us a call!