Identify and Repair Roof Ventilation Problems

An attic ventilation system’s significance cannot be overemphasized. Ventilation is the most effective way to remove heat and humidity from an attic space. Excellent design and installation of roofing vents can make your house more comfortable and avoid several roof...

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Is It Better to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

A lot depends on the roof over your head. Your roof protects your home, the investment that went into your home, your family, your privacy, and your home interiors. It is imperative for you to look after it the way it looks after you. However, looking after your roof...

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Skylight leaking and condensation

If you have a skylight on your roof and live in an area that sees a lot of rain and unpredictable temperature changes, you may have noticed signs of leaking or have heard drops of water coming from your attic. Your next course of action should be to determine if the...

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